PLAY SEQUENCE: First team chooses category and point value. Instructor clicks it to reveal question. Team attempts answer. If answer is correct, instructor clicks question screen to reveal answer, then clicks that team's scoreboard to assign points. Answer screen closes and play continues in the same way with team choosing another category/point value. If answer is incorrect, instructor presses 'X' to sound buzzer and clicks team's scoreboard to deduct points. Before revealing answer, opposing team then gets a chance to answer, following the above procedure. See FINAL ROUND below.
  • Click any numbered screen to show the accompanying question. Click again to reveal answer. A third click will remove it from grid.
  • Pressing the 'X' key on the keyboard will sound buzzer for an incorrect guess.
  • Click the scoreboards to adjust scores: i.e. Clicking "Jones" will add/subtract points from the Jones score. See below.
  • IMPORTANT: For each wrong answer, sound buzzer first, then click the appropriate scoreboard to deduct points. (The buzzer sets the scoreboard to temporary subtract mode. Neglecting to sound buzzer first will result in adding the points.) For correct answers, reveal answer screen first, then assign points. Answer screen will then close automatically. If both teams guess wrong, after sounding buzzer and assigning points as outlined above, click to reveal answer, then click again to close answer screen.
  • FINAL ROUND: After all 25 question screens have been played the Final Question screen will automatically popup. After each team has submitted their final bets, enter the amounts into the appropriate scoreboards by typing directly in the score area (the current scores will be temporarily blanked out).
  • Click the question screen to reveal final question. At this point, to play "Jeopardy Theme" and start timer, press CTRL on the keyboard.
  • When time's up, have each team submit their answers, then click the question screen to reveal official answer. Assess each team's answers. If a team's guess is correct, click their scoreboard to automatically calculate their final tally. If a team guesses wrong, remember to sound the buzzer before clicking their scoreboard.
  • Once each team has had their final tally calculated, the winning team will be announced.
  • Pressing the END key on the keyboard will exit the game when in fullscreen mode.
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